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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Broken But Torii Still Flies

Salam all,

I had some issue with Torii tendency leaning to left and moving forward during hover before.

It was Saturday, checked the center gravity, it was a bit off, but not that much. I decided to adjust the swash plate to make Torii stablized during hover. Doing this, I will able to fly Torii as usual, however I will not be able to try inverted flight on Torii. Center gravity setup is very important for inverted hover, since the 'drift compensation' needed will be reversed and since I have not done it, I do not wan't to take any risk.

Ok. So refering to thre previous setup for hover flight, I adjusted the swash plate for idle-up mode. Also, I have reconnect the whole of tail boom, just to reconfirm that the tail gear was connected firmly. I was afraid that from the last bouncing and aborted take-off (during the night test) has somehow loosen the assembly.

At about 12.00 noon, I drive Torii to the PH flying field 2. There was nobody else, other flier may have done their flights or they are doing it at the other field. Regardless, I proceed to unload Torii and the equipments from my car.
From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

Looking around, I have the big field for my self and Torii ha ha ha. Hmm... so what? So I filled up the tank for the Nitro fuel. :) Before I filled up the fuel, noticed that there are lots of foreign dust at the fuel pump filter. Cleared it before I proceed.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

Starting up the engine. It has been 2 weeks (what?, 2 weeks) I have not started Torii's engine. I hoping for the best, starting the engine without any problem, hoping for the luck at my side! Plugged in the glow heater, started to press the starter switch. It rotated a bit at first, then it won't any more! Ahh looks like stucked or the engine shaft was too heavy to be rotated. Tried a few times. Oh, my glow plug heater broken again! This is the third time it broken, I have glued it for each time and able to use it, and now it is broken again! Arghhh.

If I have other flier friends around, I can ask to try their starter (and glow heater as well), it could be due to my starter or weak battery, just like Torri's previous flight. Nope, can't hope for others to help. Decided to flush the engine first. Took out the Canopy, and using the number 8 socket driver I took out the glow plug. Then I ran the starter with fuel line closed, yes, the engine shaft rotated smoothly. After that, with fuel line open, good shaft rotation as well. So, I put back the glow plug, connected the glow heater and now the engine started nicely! - Remember with the broken glow heater. Alhamdulillah.

After the engine started, I adjusted the throttle trim to make sure the engine is stable at the idle. I bring Torri to a bigger empty space for take off (since I did the engine start up under tree shades). Started to increase the throttle while checking the response on other controls. Everything was good, lifted off successfully. Put into hover and checked the controls again. Yes, everything was just fine, but noticed that Torii was tempting of moving forward. Then I changed to idle-up mode, the behaviour is the same. Did some trim adjustment for that. Tried some climb and decend movement, then I brought Torii to land (of course after change back the flight mode to normal). Checked the engine temprature, it a bit hotter than what I want, so I turned the High Speed Niddle (HSN) 2 clicks counter clockwise. At this time I have utilized about half of the fuel in the tank.

Than I started to increase the throttle again. I can see that the vertical tail fin was touching the ground. There was some vibration and movement at the tail when spooling up the main rotor, and it has broke the vertical tail fin!! I glued the fin quite sometimes ago, I was broken during the last Torii crash, now it broken again. I was calculating the risk, should I go ahead to take off or abort it. The vertical fin is very usefull to protect tail rotor from hitting the ground during take off, landing or crash. Well, I figured I am carefull enough I can make sure that the tail rotor won't touch the ground. So, I continue to increase the throttle while putting a bit of forward control to make sure the tail will be up first during the take off.

Yes, the lift off was successfull, I have Torii into hover without any problem. I continue with figure 8 flights at about 20 to 30 feet heights. Then I continue to try stall turns, but was not able to do a proper one. The sky was really bright, I did not wear my sun glasses. Also, I did not feel the Torii was stable enough. At one time it was really tempted to move forward where I need to pull back the foward stick to stop it from doing do, and at the other time/side it was not going forward unless I really push the stick forward. Well, I don't have the time and mood to figure out what was the actual reason, I could be due to Torii center of gravity or simply due to the current wind speed and direction at that moment.

Anyhow, I was not much fuel left in the tank. I bring it to hover in front of me to reconfirm the fuel level. Then I did some horizontal left and right flight, few times. Remember that I need to make sure tail rotor clearence during landing? Yes, with fuel just finish at the main tank I started to slowly bring Torri down, hovering at very low, as low as 4 inch from the ground while ensuring the tail was cleared. Landed Torri safely while still have fuel about half of the header tank.
From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

Next, I'm thinking to get the proper part replacment for these 2 broken items. I had so many hassel because of them. Well I might, or might not get the replacement, will see.

Overall, the flying session was very successfull. Alhamdulillah.



Thursday, April 23, 2009

Syyy Let Torii Sleep

Syyy just let Torii Sleep. :)

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009



Monday, April 13, 2009

Torii Says I Want To Fly Higher


Yesterday (Sunday 12 April), I have the chance to do quick flight of the Torii. Hmm.. before I continue, starting from now I am calling this TR3703 Century Raven CCPM 50 helicopter as Torii. For whom who has watched Anime Gundam Seed, you know what it means. He he he.

Ok, earlier on Saturday, I was thinking to do the flight, however, remember from my previous post, I need to first check and re-setup the blade pitch. When I finished the setup it was about 12:00, and furthermore, my fellow fliers friends all decided to fly only on Sunday now days.

Good for me, I have Aerobrain (a.k.a Su Pi) helping with the blade pitch setup. I was quite surprise, when I first checked the pitch, Torii was flying with only 7 degree positive pitch! That was the reason why the climb rate was so slow in the previous flights. Started with leveling the servo horn at the middle stick positions, then we lengthen the blade pitch push rod bit by bit, while assuring both sides have the same length. At the end of the session, I manage to get +10 and -10 degree pitch and 51% at the center, that is really superb.

Ok, Sunday morning, it was already 11:20am (various reasons why I only reached there that late, another blog) when I reached Putra Heights Field II.

Note: No Photo in this Post – I forgot to bring my camera! (doh). Well if I have the photo, you will be seeing similar thing. Torri’s canopy yellow in color, with white wooden blades. Probably some photo’s of me as well, with the same favorite T-shirt (ha ha ha, don’t ask me about the shirt, I like it very much and I always wear it when I got the opportunity!) and my favorite track bottom (the one with on white strip at the sides, make me feel like Han Solo in Starwars :) )

Putra Heights regular fliers were already there. I quickly filled up Torii’s tank. I turned on the switch on the controller, then the Torii electronic switch, tested the control response. Good, working as usual. Connected the starter to the battery, plugged in the ‘Glow Plug Heater’, tried to start the engine. But, the engine won’t rotate, looks like very heavy. Tried several times, it just rotated a bit (less than 45 degree) then stopped. Ouch.

Hmm.. must be problem with my battery for the starter. It has been quite sometimes I have not charge it. I borrowed another starter from Lan, his starter come with LiPo battery attached, customized so that he won’t need big battery like mine. Yes, using his starter Torii’s engine started up right away! Alhamdulillah.

With Torii’s engine running, I brought Torii to the take off location, at a side of wide open field. Started to spool up the main rotor blades, everything looks good. While spooling up I tested the control again, all movements are ok. Lifted off from ground successfully, put it into hover. I noticed that Torii tend to lean to the left and forward. I need to compensate the tendency with the opposite control, which is right and back. Tested the climb rate, excellent! The climb response was very fast.

I landed Torii on ground. Checked the engine temperature, it just right. I adjusted the back and right control trim to ease the control. Took off again, put into hover. I have to add more trim control to make it stay put at hover. However, the trim adjustment was only for Normal Flight Mode. When I switched to Idle-Up-2 Flight mode, it was back to non-trim behavior. Hmmm.. not to take any risk, I switched back to the Normal Flight Mode and continue to fly. Yes, I did my normal maneuvers, figure 8, and a bit of crooked stall turn. I don’t dare to do high stall turn in Normal Flight Mode. In theory it should be the same, but I just not comfortable doing it.

Finished the fuel in main tank, I landed Torri at the shades.

Session ended at about 12.20pm.

For the next session I need to:
1. First check the center of gravity
2. Level the swash plate, this should fix the problem where it was leaning to left and forward.

Over and out,


Monday, April 6, 2009

Raven says I like to fly!

Hi good morning.

Yesterday (Sunday), I have the chance to fly the Raven. I was pretty busy on Saturday with other commitments, so I was not able to spend my time with Raven.

Ok, on the Sunday morning, at about 11am, with all equipments and Raven loaded into my car, I drove to Putra Heights Field II. Friend fliers were already there, and have flew their aircraft. There were Sidi, Keza, Bard, Zamri and few others not in the photo.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

I quickly brought out the Raven and the supporting equipments. Fill up the fuel into Raven. I have very little left from this gallon, not even half of the Raven tank. Well, that should be enough for the initial test flight. It has been a while the Raven did not fly properly. The previous session (last week) it did have good lift off, but have broken vertical tail fin dropped during the flight.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

Starting up the engine was easy. Alhamdulillah. With only one tries, it started right away.
After checking and confirmed that I have good response from the controls I started to increase the throttle, lifted off and I bring it to hover at about 6 inch heights. I need to be very careful there are so many trees at the surrounding.

Bring it to ground again, just to make sure everything is ok. I adjusted the throttle curve at my Spectrum DX7 radio controller. I was having throttle curve mid point quite low, used for lift off attemp with the older blades. After I confortable with everything, I did the take-off, hover at head high, slowly move forwared from the shades to the open space. Did a quick figure 8 like manuever then I brought it to land infront of me. Almost finished the fuel elready. Shutdown the engine and bring it back to the shades under the trees.

After a quick rest, I started to fill up fuel into the Raven again. This time I am using RedMax fuel, same 15% nitro mix, a new gallon.

Started the engine without any problem. This time I carried by hand the Raven to open space, I felt it was too risky to take-off and taxi from the shades out. This time I passed my camera to a friend. That is why I can share the photos of Raven flying this time.

Lifted-off ok. Control all checked ok. The Raven just drifted a bit to the left, so I adjusted the trim to the right a few clicks. Switched to idle-up mode. Started to fly figure 8, slowly. It has been about 3 weeks I have not flying the Raven like this. Yes, better start with slow maneuver first.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

I flew the Raven at about 20 feet above ground. I don't think that was high enough to prepare for emergency, however flying higher than that hurt my eyes, the sky was very bright and to watch Raven flying at higher altitude was difficult and painful.

I did some more, faster figure 8s, and some semi-stall turns. I don't dare to try the full stall turn yet, furthermore, for that I will need to fly at higher altitude.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

After about 12 minutes, time to land, I slowly bring it to hover infront of me at about 5 to 6 feet. Then slowly I controlled it to land at the shades where I first did the take off.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

Session end at about 12.20pm.

Alhamdulillah. Fully satisfied :)

For next session I will need to first check and setup back the main blade pitch. My current setup, the pitch range is from +9 to -9. I can feel that the climb rate is much slower compared to previous where I have +11 pitch.

Thank you and wassalam.


ps: will add photo later. :)


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