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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Engine Tuning and Pitch Setup


Taking leave today.. need to spend some time with my Raven TR3703 :)

Since I had the engine problem, I manage to fly it for 3 inches high before the fuel thank empty and need to pack it up.

So today I need to tune the engine so that I can fly this thing happily. I have changed the throttle and pitch curve to the more 'advanced' level for me to feel the responsive of the throttle/pitch. Can't wait to fly this!

1430 Afternoon
Started with checking the High Speed Needle (HSN). Quite shock to find that it is less than 1 full turn to the full close. Everywhere in the forum I found that 2 full turn is a good start, so I will begin with that.

After putting up the fuel for half tank, I started the engine. The engine sound very weird, not normal at all. Then I removed the glow heater, the engine start to sound more weird and stopped.

O-O! what happened!

Thinking that the engine is too cold, I tried to leave the glow heater for longer duration, let it heated first then only remove it. But still the same. After finishing half of the tank will all kind of try-n-error playing with the HSN etc., the glow heater don't have enough power anymore. So need to pack back.

Called Cikgu V, then I learned this is just simple problem. THE HSN SETUP IS TOO RICH.


Now I know how to fix the problem, just turn the HSN to leaner setting. Yes, I need to turn till less than 1 turn from close than only the engine sound normal. Great! This is new lesson, I won't forget this!

So time to fly.. bring the TR3703 to the field, started the engine, push the throttle up, up up, engine was screaming but she just sit put there. I can see the skid became a bit lighter but it did not lift up, pushed the throttle passed 75% still no lift up. I don't there to push some more since the engine already screaming like it is running at the max.

So I checked the pitch, hmmm, found out that the positif pitch is very little, at 75% thorttle position, it was about 5 degree pitch only.

At the night, I started to work on the pitch, found that at 50% throttle, the pitch is at about -5 degree. It reach 0 degree at 62% of throttle.

I have adjusted the linkage, now I have more balanced pitch setting for the blade. at 50% throttle it is almost 0 degree pitch.

TR3703 Ready for take off!!


Engine OK


Early morning, already booked Cikgu V time to trouble shoot the engine.

10am, started to troubleshoot.

Open up 4 pairs of screws to detach the upper frame from lower frame, then the fan is exposed. Open up the fan and clutch to check the condition, still ok.

Put them back.
The engine was stuck due to "hydro lock", i.e. to much fuel entered the engine. To solve this is quite simple, just take out the glow plug and disconnect the fuel line to carburetor and run the starter. The fuel in the engine will be blown out through the glow plug hole.

1300, engine able to run.


Quite long holiday for the Deepavali. Went back to wife's home town at Parit Pulai, Muar, Johor. About 200km, 2 hrs drive. Figured it is too much of hassle to bring along the Raven, I should take this opportunity to fix my HoneyBee King2. I just received the replacement part 2 days earlier, I ordered directly from web page.

It did not took me that long to replace the broken blade grip and the flybar bell link arm.

Next morning, I test fly it ok. Just minor issue with the main gear where it was already a bit damage from the previous crash. When I did push the throttle hard, it make the damage more severe and the gyro won't able to hold its tail anymore. Anyway the replacement of this main gear will be straight forward. And furthermore it is available in local store.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Engine Trouble Shooting

22-Oct-2008 Wednesday
Tried again to start the engine. Still no luck. This time looks like it getting worse! The started shaft canoot be turned at all. Looks like the piston on something inside has stucked!!

23-Oct-2008 Thursday
Well, can't fly for these few days.. I take this opportunity to do throttle/pitch setup in my Spectrum DX7 Transmitter.

I manage to set 2 switched to control the Throttle:
1. Throttle Hold Function assigned to Throtle Hold switch (top right hand side) - this will bring the engine to idle speed (if I manage to start the engined.. ). It will be very usefull for leaning auto rotation later on.
2. Throttle Cut Function assigned to AileronD/R switch switch, top right hand at the face - it will kill the engine.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Engine Failed to Start

Wednesday 22-Oct-2008

Last night I manage to clean up the sands using compressed air from nearby car workshop.

This morning, with all equipment ready, put in the fuel and tried to start the engine.

Unfortunately it wont start! Checked the glow plug, still glowing..

Need to troubleshoot this.


Monday, October 20, 2008

At Putra Heights Flyzone - Sunday

Sunday 19-Oct-2008

This is at Putra Heights Fly Zone.. did a quick 1 tank flight.

My second tank need to be aborted because just before I started the engine lost of sand from an airplane pre-takeoff flight check has rained my heli. To make the mater worse, it was direcly behind the plane and with canopy open.

So decided to call off the day and do proper cleaning before flying again.


At Rinching Fly Zone

Sunday 19-Oct-2008 Rinching
Finish up 7th and 8th tank.

Me (on the right) getting advice from Sifu Zul the 3D expert.

Yes it can fly! :)

Group photo at the end of the session.. about 12.15 pm.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

6th Tank

See if you can understand ..

Ready to start the engine.

Started flying... after 30 seconds, everything is ok, flew again.


After about 4/5 tank the screw for tail boom support came out, have to land. This time I don't have any extra screw to replace, so just finish up the remaining fuel in the tank on the ground.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Half tank

Today morning my schedule is very tight since I have meeting at 8.30am in Putrajaya, but still I don't want to just let the Raven alone resting in a corner.

At 0700 I prepare all the required equipments for the Raven in front of my house, my intention is to start the engine up and leave it running in idle mode - engine-brake-in. Last night I already move the needle valve 2 more clicks leaner.

So, I filled up the nitro fuel about half of the thank and started the the engine up.. leave it running. While it running I play with the throttle a bit. After a while, this does not feel enough, need to bring it to airborne. So I carry to outside of my gate and start to increase the throttle. My house is facing another house with small lane in between, this is where I having the Raven on.

Then I increased the throttle, can see the Raven became lighter and lighter, then airborne, but probably due to the 'unsafe' sorrounding and narrow lane, I quickly bring it down after it flew at 6 inches. Not to continue this stupid experiment, I carry back the Raven into by garage and let the fuel finish - at 0740. Just nice for my meeting.

BTW.. I'm staying at Seksyen 9, Putra Heights Subang Jaya, Selangor.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5th Tank

Yesterday after finished the 4th tank.. I refer back to page 20 of OS50 Hyper User Manual, it says that few flights should be enough for engine break-in. Checked with Cikgu V to confirm, he advice to complete one gallon since the we should not take any risk for this, and we want the engine to last long.

Actually, I have been waiting to change the throttle and pitch curve to a better one. Now I am flying with very slow RPM and high blade pitch - yes for the engine break-in. The response is terrible especially for acceding and descending. Well better safe than sorry.

This morning, I prepared The Raven as usual for flight. At 0745, started the engine, test flight for 30 second, land The Raven. Taking the advice from Cikgu V, I just adjusted the needle valve few clicks to leaner and fly again. While flying I checked the throttle level, at hovering I am only using 38% to 43% for the throttle. I have not check the pitch level, but I guess that will be a about 75% to 85%.

Finishing up the tank, this time I let the engine stopped while hovering.. at 2 feet, it gently descended to the grass as I push the throttle up to soften it - yup 2 feet autorotation. It touched down perfectly - I wish that I can do that all the time!

New knowledge/experience:
- Click clockwise - learner, anticlockwise richer
- Even after the engine stop, should try start the engine again to make sure all fuel has finished
- Don't forget to remove the glow heater
- Autoration is cool!!


Century Raven 50 SE Nitro Powered eCCPM RC Helicopter
OS50 Hyper White Wooden Blade
Spectrum DX7 with DS82154, Futaba GY401 with S9254 Servo
All Stock parts


Monday, October 13, 2008

4th Tank

Today at 0740, the Raven's 4ht tank and my 2nd Solo Flight. It was at the same location as yesterday, Soccer Field about 50m from my house.

It goes very well, took off was very smooth hover for about 30 seconds and landed to check if everything is ok. Then I took off again, hover for about half of the tank and land. Just want to check the engine temperature, looks fine so ready to continue..

When I was about to take off again, I notice the tail boom support on the right hand sight had came out from the boom. I have not choice but to fix this first. Apparently looks like the screw that holding it is too loose and came off during my last landing. Luckily I have a similar size screw to replace it. Then up in the air again.

After finished up the tank, I quickly pack and bring it home. Need to go to work!!

Sorry.. no photo today.

Century Raven 50 SE Nitro Powered eCCPM RC Helicopter
OS50 Hyper White Wooden Blade
Spectrum DX7 with DS82154, Futaba GY401 with S9254 Servo
All Stock parts


Sunday, October 12, 2008

My First Solo Flight

Today at 0730 i have my first solo flight.

Early morning I already prepared all the equipment for the flight, loaded it into my car and bring it to the field near my house, it is a walking distance but I need my car battery for the starter motor.

After filling up the fuel tank, I started the engine, carried the heli to the middle of the field, spooled the rotor up and took off.. this time all by my self!!

This was the third thank for the heli, so I went easy.. well I just qualified for hover only anyway. :)
First flight, I took the heli quite high, bringing it down was a bit tricky since heli won't immediately stop from decending when I push the throttle back up - this is due to low rpm and high pitch setting in the radio - again for the engine-break-in session. Adjusted it a bit, then I was more comfortable.

After few take off, hover and landing, finished up a tank of fuel then I go back home with big smile :)

Too bad I don't have anybody helping me to take photo during the flight. I but have some after the landing.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Raven's First Flight

At about 1130 MAL-8 today, Saturday 2008-10-11, The Raven TR3703 has left the ground for her first flight. It is a test flight by Cikgu V, for him to adjust the blade tracking, throttle curve and pitch curve.

This is the first thank of fuel, so the engine has not been complete with break-in yet. After a while when he satisfy with the aircraft, he handed over the control to me, using 'training' feature. We are using 2 Spectrum DX7 controller, one each, connected in Master Slave mode (if I am not mistaken).

My first take off is not pretty, immediately after 2 or 3 second of takeoff Cikgu V taken over the control and landed the aircraft.

My second one, was much better, I was able to have steady hover for about 30 seconds with my heart pounding and pounding. I landed it back successfully, then only I feel easy.

Then.. Cikgu V taken over the control again, but slight mistake have cost us a set of blade and spindle bar. I take about 1 hour for her to fly again.

This time I am on my own, it flew like a real bird, hovering, at about 2 feet, with multiple take off and landing at the same spot till the fuel completely finish. I let the fuel finish during the low altitude hovering, engine started to speed up a few second, then it suddenly stopped and quiet. I let the Raven dropped slowly to the ground, that is my first auto-rotation!!


Friday, October 10, 2008

My New Raven

I will be putting short notes on my experience enjoying myself with RC Helicopter.

As for to date, I have
- Honeybee FP (TP1703) - owned at early Aug-2008, crashed even before I know how to hover, then was not able to get the replacement part till today.
- Hoeneybee King 2 (TK2703) - I was able to learn to hover, quite steady, but had crashed when changing from Mode 1 to Mode 2 control
- The Raven (TR3703) - Just got it yesterday, spent some time putting it together. This is Century Raven .50, my first Nitro RC Helicopter. Probably later on I will write a review on this unit.

Looking forward to learn and have fun with this Century Raven helicopter.


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