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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010


Hi, I am back!

After quite long time not updating this blog, now I am back. Well, lots of things happened, let me just summarize them here, then I will continue the stories again.

Torii the Raven
Torri had crashed on Jul 18, 2009. It was due to broken tail gear.

After the fixed it was flying great till another crash in Sept.

Since then, I was not satisfy with Torii flying. It will fly for about 10 minutes then after the engine/clutch is warm, the engine power or clutch is not able to maintain the main rotor speed, resulted that Torri come down to the ground again. I have been trying for about 5 times, this is still happening.

Yesterday, I went to Cikgu Vanand place in Kajang to consult him. The issue could be just due to clutch has been wear out or setup of helicopter/controller, especially with the different kind of main rotor blades. Hope that I can back Torii flying as normal again soon!

Ptitsa the HBK2
I was able to get Ptitsa be configured correctly and it flew nicely.
I even able to flew Pitisa with the trainer leg removed! However in Sept, it crashed when I tried to fly in front on my house. I was over confident, flew Ptitsa longer than normal. During flight, Ptitsa suddenly rotated uncontrollable, probably due to loosen tail belt.

After the fixed, Ptitsa tail vibrates rigorously before take off. I have not get the chance to look at this problem yet. Most probably this is due to the belt connecting to the tail blade.

I will find a time to fix the issue, and Ptitsa will be flying happily again, soon!

New Heli in the family!
Next post will share a new cute helicopter rc in the family... stay tuned!

16 Muharram 1431H


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