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Monday, July 6, 2009

Torii Test Flight - Passed


[This event happened between 25 Jun to 28 Jun 2009]

Alhamdulillah, from the previous short test flight, Torii[1] was able to fly without any problem. However I felt the flight characteristic was very different. The rate of climb was very low, and the head speed seems to be slower than normal.

On last Sunday evening, about 6.30pm, I brought Torii to Putra Heights Flying Field 2. It was already quite late and I don't have much time to spend for the flying session. I had checked Torii's blade pitch at the earlier night to ensure that the slow climb rate and slow head speed is not due to that.

When I reached the field, I quickly prepared Torii for the flight. This time, I opened up the canopy to check the screws. Need to make sure all the screws are not loose.

This is the lesson learn from Torii's last hard landing. After satisfied with the condition. I tried to start the engine. The engine was harder to start this time. I got it hydro-lock-ed once, and need to rectify it by opening the glow plug and run the starter a few times without it. I managed to get the engine started, after I moved up the throttle a bit. This was the first time I need to do this during the starting up of the engine. I was wondering why was it so.

Proceeding with the test flight, I carried Torri 10 m to a clear area at the field for the take off. After completed control check on the ground, Torii lifted off successfully without any problem. Another quick check on the controls during hover confirmed that the controls are ok. Tested with normal figure 8 flight. I noticed that there was lots of smoke came out from the muffler. Landed the Torri, then checked the engined temperature and turn the High Speed Needle (HSN) at it OS 50 Hyper Engine to make the mixture leaner. Lifted off again to continue with the testing. This time the flight was much better and Torri has its normal climb rate back!

Continue with figure 8 flights, till the main tank almost empty. I taxi[2] Torii to the normal landing spot, among the trees.

Yes. Successful test flight for Torii.

In conclusion, the slow response in flight and low climb rate for Torri was due to rich mixing of fuel.


1. Torii is my Remote Radio Control Helicopter, its a Century Raven 50 CCPM
2. Taxi for Helicopter is to fly slowly at low altitude, normally to the exact landing spot or exact cleared take off spot.


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