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Monday, June 22, 2009

Fixing Torii


As per my previous posts, both of my RC Helicopters are grounded. I have ordered replacement metal rotor head for HBK2 and did some fixing for Torii.

For Torri, I have bent feather shaft or spindle bar, broken vertical tail fin and suspected clutch issue.

Splinder bar, new and bent

Here is where splinder bar located, it holds both of the main rotor blade grips together.

Still have the problem with blade grips bearing, however it still can be reused.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

glueing the vertical tail fin

During the checking and taking out the upper part of the frame, I discovered that there are quite number of screws has been loose. Looks like I have been flying Torri with loose screws. And these screws includes the screw for engine to engine Mounting and the mounting bracket to the frame, these are very critical parts!

While I was trying to open the clutch bell, I have used excessive force at the metal turbo fan and has broken one if its blade. Ouch!! The clutch bell seems to attached to the engine shaft very very tight.

I have tested the engine (and clutch) without the upper part of the helicopter and it seems to work fine.

It was quite tricky since I need to adjust the throttle level manually using my hand, instead of from the controller and the servo. Minor movement of the level give big adjustment to the running engine. After trying for about 7 times, I satisfied that the clutch should still be working. That means the crash was due to the loos screws at the engine, it has allowed the engine to moved resulted counter gear slipped out from the clutch bell gear. This is what I believe happened.

I assembled everything back, ensured all screws are tight and did a quick test. It was on Thursday 18 Jun. The engine started ok, and the clutch seems to be ok too. How do I know? I can see the engine started to rotate the main blade when I increased the throttle. However this time I was not able to take off, the trim was too much off the center. I remembered that I did not really ensure the swash place is really level. So after the test session, I spent some times to level the swash plate. Now it should be able to fly. :)


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izpuri June 24, 2009 at 10:15 AM  

Hi. Thanks for dropping by. Anyway, quite expensive hobby. But, really damned interesting.

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