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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Successful Flight


Yesterday (Friday 16-May) I took half-day leave on the afternoon for some family reason. At the evening, 1800 I found myself have some extra time. After thinking very hard I decided to have a quick flight session to build up my confidence in flying Torii.

At about 1830 pm, I loaded Torii and its related equipments into my car. Before that, at home I have filled up Torii's tank fully, to save the time. Reached Putra Heights Field II about 10 minutes later, I was quite windy and there was 2 kites being flew at the field. Well, the wind would not pose any problem to my Torii. Sunset was at about 1920, so the sun was quite low on my right, giving quite clear view of the sky.

I quickly unloaded it. Did a quick check on the counter gear (which have caused 2 major crashed before) found that it is still ok.

This time I able to start the engine smoothly, Alhamdulillah. In previous session, I need to flush the engine to clear the hydro-lock, this time it just started right away. I trick is not to shutdown the engine using the switch at the Radio Controller, but to cut the fuel line. This will actually make the engine stopped due to lack of fuel, instead of lack of air.

Did lift-off successfully, hover for quick in-flight check, then I switched to idle-up mode. After that I continue with figure 8 maneuver and stall turns. This time I was much more confident than before, I was able to do full vertical stall turns. It was still not perfect, but I am improving! During the flight, I need to be very careful with the visual and coordination. At certain angle, Torri seems to be at different orientation and that is very dangerous. I keep the control smooth and slow so that I can do the opposite if I mistakenly 'process' the orientation.

Other than that, I tried a reverse flight - new for me. Hmmm I guess I'll need to practice more on this.

The session ended at about 1850, where I landed safely, with less than half tank for fuel in the header tank (almost totally finished the fuel).

Yes, another successful flight for Torii.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

::truemax, over and out.


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