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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fixing The Raven

I had the engine fixed (I think). Cikgu Vanan has swapped the broken block with a replacement. After putting back all the internals, crank shaft, sleeve, and piston, looks like this is going to work and I'll be saving 600-150 = RM450 with this solution.

From Remote Control Helicopter - My Journey

He also helped to take out and replaced the bent main shaft and damaged clutch bell gear and counter gear.

From Remote Control Helicopter - My Journey

Total parts so far is about RM300, and that is including the engine! Looks like that is all what I need, other than the expensive blade.
Here are the list:
- Engine: change the block only, using old pistons, carborator etc
- Both Sides of metal lower frame: Cikgu Vanan has knocked it straight in 5 minutes!
- Tail boom: use new one, old one only with minor damage at one of the end only, I'll keep, will know it straight for use later
- Flybar: straighten it back for reuse
- Spindler bar: replaced with new
- Couter Gear: changed new
- Clutch bell gear: replaced
- Skids: Replaced
- Blade: will use my old wooden blade for now ( replacement for this is real expensive $$)

Last night I spend till 3 am to put the new spinder bar and skids.

From Remote Control Helicopter - My Journey

From Remote Control Helicopter - My Journey

This morning I put parts together, skids fuel tank and engine into the lower frame. Then the muffler. The manual file I downloaded is very useful. Put in Swashplate onto the main shaft. Put the upper frame into the lower frame. Put the tail boom.

So now the Raven have almost everything except for the rotor head including the main rotor blades assembly and the flybar.

At about 1300, I decided want to try to start up the engine. Put in some fuel, the same one taken out after the crash. Then carefully while have a steel holding the skid I tried to start the engine up. However seems not working, just to realize that I have fully closed the HSN (High Speed Needle). Open it up of 1.5 turn, then it started ok!

From Remote Control Helicopter - My Journey

Still have to check is the tail rotor pitch link.


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