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Friday, January 2, 2009

With New Metal Fan

New Metal Fan

I have managed to get the replacement for the broken fan. It is a shiny CNC metal fan!!

However, the metal fan will not work with the original motor starter shaft. It has a one way roller bearing at the center, suitable for its own 6mm starter shaft.

First thing I need to figure out is how to have the starter set. Even if I bought the special 6mm starter shaft, there is no way that I can use that with my current starter motor.

To resolve the problem, I manage to get a workshop to grind the original starter shaft into the 6mm cylinder shaft. Tip of the original shaft had to be cut because the guy had over-grind the end part.

For the new metal fan to work, I also need to remove the existing
auto-release starter shaft on the Raven. I was able to install the new metal fan and remove the existing starter shaft and their bearing with out any problem.



Hard damper

While I purchasing the metal fan, Fendi (on of the 3d guru for RC Helicopter) was there and giving me advice to also change the damper. Damper is the most important thing for any 3D maneuver. I believe that hard damper will make sure faster and sharper response for any inputs.

Putting in this dampers is not that easy, it took me about 1 hour just to do that alone.

Time to fly

In the morning of new year 1st Jan 2009, time to try out this new metal fan.
Reached Putra Heights Aircraft Field 2 at about 8.30 am.

Filled up the fuel and ready to start the engine. The custom made shaft did not fix tightly enough at the tip but putting bit more in does take the grip.
I manage to start the engine!!

And taxi out slowly from the shades where I have my equipments.

Hover and in-flight check, landed for engine idle check..

Fly the Raven, normal circuit with figure 8. Landing time, I hover and slowly 'taxi' the Raven to the original takeoff site, it is quite challenging and I need to put extra focus not stray and hit any near by trees.

At 9.30am I went back for breakfast with my family.

11.30am came back to the flying field, filled up the tank and tried to start the engine.

!! This time the new fan is not able to grip the shaft any more. Trying to put some masking tape did not help. Suspecting that the shaft has worn, I packed and went back.

At home I took out the upper frame part (as usual when I need to access the fan/engine). Trying with other 6mm shaft revealed that the roller bearing at center of the metal fan has stuck/damaged, and it is not shaft problem.

Well at least, I was able to fly for 1 tank on 1st Jan 2009!


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