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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hover test ok!

After 3 weeks of the crash today I did first test flight on the TR3703 the Raven.

More fix details
From the last post, I have put back the part together, tested the engine is able to run fine.

I have put in the rotor head onto the main shaft and put the wooden blade which I used before during my earlier time of flying.

Tested the servo movement and blade pitch:
1. Tail pitch rod is not that smooth, I bought the lubricant for RM30 at a hobby shop, and now it is ok
2. I had broken tail pitch ball link at the rudder servo. Replaced that, it cost me RM6!
3. I had another broken ball link at the blade grip ball. Replaced that too, cost me about RM3.50

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

Then I checked the blade pitch, I have it as +9 to -9, that should be sufficient for my normal flying.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

At the flying site

Ready to fly
From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

Ok, it was 8.40 am in the morning. When I reached the PHAF Field 2, Brother Nick already there with his Compass Electric Heli. He is still learning how to hover, I gave him some tips from my experience, well probably he already know all that, but no harm of telling it again :)

After that I took out my Raven from my car DAF9594. I already pour in full fuel in the tank ealier at home.

Started the engine with no problem.
Did ground check, to make sure control movements are all ok.
Cyclic checked,
Rudder Checked,
Gyro Checked.

Play with the throttle, to ensure that engine is stable enough. Then I remember I need to lower the throttle curve. This because I do not want to overstress the "new engine".

I need to be very carefull because this is the first time I am going to fly the Chopper since it was crashed and rebuild. The setup and profile may be a lot different than before.

Then, slowly I increased the throttle, compasating any possible drifiting with cyclic control on my right tumb. It took off slowly, drifting to the left side and back, a bit, not that much. Compasate it to stay and hover at the same spot. Checked the balde tracking, it looks good, no need any adjustment.

Continue the hover for a few minutes, with in 1.5m heights, I need to be prepared on any problem that my happen. Landed at the same spot, and leave the engine running.

Yes, it able to fly (hover) with no problen. Check the engine, looks like it quite hot, so turn the High Speed Needle reacher. Also I push the trim for forward cyclic a bit to counter for the 'drifting backward' behavior.

Did the hover flight again this time I tried to climb and decent, still within about 3 m heights.
Everything is just ok. Alhamdulillah.

Then I landed, tune the HSN a bit more to reacher. But, the engine died.

I have appointment at 9.30am, about 5 more minutes, need to finish up the fuel.
Started the engine again, did the HSN tuning and hover. After a about 1 minutes, suddently the engine died!

It tried to start the engine but, looks like the crank shaft is pretty tight. I can barely turn it with my hand, with a lot of force.

Oh.. anyway, times up. I packed all the stuffs, wil troubleshoot the engine later.

Test Result
1. All controls are ok.
2. A bit vibration at the tail, probably due to low rotor RPM
3. Engine - need to trouble shoot!

More fixing needed
Still I have few items need to be fixed/replace before I can do the "learn new skill flying". They are:
1. Good blade, at least similar to before, the 600mm Hurricane Carbon Fiber enforced blade
2. Currently I have 2 broken servo casing, holding to the frame only with 3 screws instead of 4 (1 side got 1 screw holder broken).
3. Engine - what is the problem here?


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