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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Engine Break-in Sessions

(Helicopter 2, Engine 2, Gallon 1, Tank 2, Flight 1)
H3.E2.G1.T2.1 2009-02-07:1105 - PHAF Field 2

On Saturday morning at PHAF Field 2. Engine break-in tank 2. Completed.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

Noticed there are some fuel came out when filling up the tank.

H3.E2.G1.T3.1 2009-02-07:1145 - PHAF Field 2

Engine break-in tank 3. Continue with the third tank, suspect that the main tank is leaking.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

Some little smoke came out if fuel is less than half of the tank.
Completed the brake in with very low hover under the shades, maximum 2 feet high.

I have opened up the lower frame to take out the fuel tank. Discovered that the tanks is really leaking! This is since my major crash a month ago.

On the same night I went to get the replacement tank. Next morning, put it into the Raven.

Sunday morning (08 Feb) visited funfly session at Saujana Putra, it is just about 15 minutes drive from my place.

There are so many people there,

So many airplaines

and helicopters too..

And many demo showed by experience filers.

Then I came back to Putra Heights, need to test the new fuel tank.

H3.E2.G1.T4.1 2009-02-08:1215 - PHAF Field 2

Engine break-in tank 4 completed. New fuel tank tested ok! Here is the new fuel tank (the big one), also with new fuel line. I have moved the fuel filter, put it just before the carburetor, where it suppose to be.
From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

However, surprisingly looks like the Raven do not have enough lift to take off. Need to check the blade pitch.

When I checked the blade pitch, discovered that the the middle stick is giving me about -3 degree. This must be the reason why it won' t lift off. I re-setting the blade pitch, finally got with +10 to -9 range. That should be sufficient.

Tuesday morning, all set for the next test flight.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

H3.E2.G1.T5.1 2009-02-09:1215 - PHAF Field 1

Engine break-in tank 5 completed. The Raven TR3703 flew beautifully (still with wooden blades).


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