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Monday, February 23, 2009

Proper Stall Turns

Sunday 2009-02-22

I reached at PHAF Field 1 at about 11am.

Plan for today, I will continue to get familiarization with the figure 8 and stall turn, and if I confident and brave enough I will do the loop. Loop maneuver is where I had very bad crash previously, and I am very careful, to make sure I won't crash again this time.
From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

Filled up the fuel, when the field is cleared, I started the Raven TR3703 engine.

FID: H3.E2.G2.T6.1 2009-02-22:1130 - PHAF Field 1

Lift-off as normal, did hover in-flight check in idle-up mode. Everything checked ok. Continue with forward flight and figure 8. Did some stall turn. After few minutes I bring it to the ground and put the engine to the idle.

Checked the engine temperature by touching the engine back plate with my finger. It is just bit warm and I can keep my finger thare forever without feeling any pain.

Continue to lift-off, HOWEVER, during the rotor spool up, I noticed that the no response to right rudder input. Tested a few times, yes, left rudder input was ok, but no reponse to right input. Even tested with half throttle RPM it was still the same.

Looking closely at the tail rotor shaft I can see that the nut which should hold the tail rotor blade pitch.

Take-off aborted! Shutdown the engine.

I quickly tighten the nut back. It must not be over tighten, or else the tail blade will not be able to spin freely. After statified with the quick fix, I started the engine again, ready for another flight.

FID: H3.E2.G2.T6.2 2009-02-22:1145 - PHAF Field 1

Took off, continue with few stall manuevers. This time I tried with full vertical climb just before it stall. Yes.. it works.
The last stall turn I tried negative pitch, yup it gave good negative push to the Raven.

Landed again for another check. Just when I begin to spool up the main rotor for another lift-off the tail rotor issue came back!
From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

Again, aborted the take off and shutdown the engine. Looks like the quick tighten nut fix did not last long. Alhamdulillah, I was lucky enough, it did not happen during flight!

I do not want to take any risk with this issue, decided to pack the stuff and go home.

The Raven TR3703 is grounded till the issue is fixed, not able to try out the 'inverted' yet.

Anyway, went back with smile on my face!

1. The Raven flies beautifully
2. Manage to do few stall turn properly, with 180 degree turn
3. Tail rotor nut need to be fixed before continue with other flight
4. Did not have the chance for the inverted hover.


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