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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Raven Flies Beautifully

Saturday morning 14-Feb-2009

Reached PHAF Field 2 at about 9.15am. Few fellow fliers already there fixing and preparing their RC plane for today session.

It was about 30 deg Celsius with about 5km/h wind.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

(Helicopter 3, Engine 2, Gallon 1, Tank 6, Flight 1)
FID:H3.E2.G1.T6.1 2009-02-14:0930 - PHAF Field 2

Its just about half tank, to finish the gallon. This is actually the 5th Gallon for the Helicopter, but considered as first gallon for the second engine.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

Started up the engine, took-off into hover. I did in-flight check during the hover. Everything seems to be ok. The Raven seems to leaning to the left and forward. I made some trim adjustment. It took quite a bit of trim to prevent it from dropping its nose.

Landed the helicopter, checked the engine temperature. It was not warm at all. Turn few clicks to make it leaner.

Took off again, switched to idle-up mode. I did the same check again, this time including the rudder. Did some forward flights and land it before the fuel finish completely.

Then I let the engine died by itself to finish *ALL* of the fuel in the tank. This is because I don't want to mix the old gallon fuel with new one.

Then I filled up the tank using the new fresh gallon.

FID:H3.E2.G2.T1.1 2009-02-14:1030 - PHAF Field 2

Started the engine without any problem.
Took-off put into hover, did some more trim adjustment in idle-up mode.

Tested with some forward flights, this time it was further.
My heart was pounding and pounding like I the time I started to fly the helicopter in the beginning. Looks like I need to familiarize myself with the helicopter from the basic again!!

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

Filled up the tank again. This time I have to tell myself to be strong and brave. I need to keep trying and progressing. I can't stop there, pack and go back. I need to keep trying to familiarize with the flights, that is how I can progress.

FID: H3.E2.G2.T2.1 2009-02-14:1115 - PHAF Field 2

Took-off. I did some forward flights. Also I did some crooked figure 8 maneuvers. At all time when the Raven is flying, I can feel that my heart is pounding, like a drum, inside me.

Landed safely, ended the session at about 1220, with big smile in my face.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009



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