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Friday, March 13, 2009

Fixing the Raven for the TV9 Live Coverage

I was quite depressed on the crash. However, nothing much I can do other than fixing it! Thanks to all plurk-friends who have given me support and strength to deal with the crash.

Root Cause

After checking the damage, I found that the most probable cause of the crash is due to lose metal gear on the top of counter shaft. If have checked the screw properly and make sure it was tight enough, I could have avoid the crash!
From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

Damage assessment

From the assessment, I found only these items impacted:
1. Main blade, broken
2. Vertical tail fin, broken
3. Bent Flybar
4. Bent Feathering shaft, its the shaft that holding the blade grips to the main shaft.
5. Right lower metal frame, badly dented.

Fixing the Raven

On the same night, Monday night, I dismantled the right lower frame without any problem.

I was hoping that the main shaft is still ok and can still be used. I took out the main shaft from the upper frame. It was much easier this time compared to the previous time where I have problem to unscrew the shaft collar. Having it outside the frame, I can carefully examine the shaft, and it is a bit bend. No choice but to replace it.

I have glued the broken vertical fin together with super glue. That should work.

I have left the the frame and shaft for 2 days, focusing on other stuff in my life.

On Wednesday (11 March), I received a message from a fellow flier in Damansara, a local TV station, TV9, is going to do live coverage on the Remote Control Helicopter Hobby. That means I need to fix the Raven fast get it to fly, or else I will miss this opportunity, 'big' event that won't come every year or even every 10 years. I quickly send message to Cikgu Vanan to make sure I have the replacment parts available. Yes he have it!!

On Thursday (12 March), after work, I left office at 7.30pm to Cikgu Vanan's shop to get the replacement part for the main shaft and feathering shaft. Also over there, I have managed to straighten the dented metal frame.

The replacement part on cost me RM42! That is quite low, looking at how the Raven crashed!!

Reached home at about 10.30pm, and start fixing the Raven. I started with the hard part first, the feathering shaft. It is hard becase the 'damper' is very tight, and all the tiny bearings and spacers which I need to be very carefull with.

Taken out he bent feathering shaft, then I realized I have one ball of the bearing missing. It is a very small tiny ball, I was looking for it for about 10 minutes, few times at the possible dropped locations.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

I checked every dust and food waste on the floor, sensing them with my palm and leg, almost give up! Looks like I will not be able to continue and probably will have to skip the Saturday morning TV coverage as well. :(

While doing all these, lucky for me I have a very good friend accompanying in plurk! That have really given me more energy, not to give up easily. Yes, have the sense of .. hmm can't find the word here.

Finally, I checked back the bearing, after counting the balls and compared it with the other side, looks like all the balls are there. It have all 9 balls, they just shifted the place, making big space area giving the impression of the ball is missing. Alhmadulillah. Happy again, now I can continue.

I reaarranged the ball. Put in the feathering shaft and assembled back the blade grip. This also consume considerable time of me as well. Completed that part and went to sleep at about 3.30am.

Early morning on Friday, I managed to contine, putting back the lower frame and main shaft. Then I attached the upper frame assembly (was not damaged and no fixed other than tighten the metal gear screw) and it was ready for engine running test.

Unfortunately, my glow plug has no power anymore. I have not charged it for some times, need to charge it first. Put it on charger and I left home quite late to office! Yes, this is not a good example!!

I need to come back home early today, need to continue to make sure the Raven is fit for flying! TV9 live coverage, I must not miss this.


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