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Sunday, March 15, 2009

TV9 Nasi Lemak & Kopi O

Thanks to aerobrain for all superb photos!

Early morning Saturday 14-March 2009, when I woke up, I was still asking myself, whether I should participate or just skipped it. The Raven, from last night test, was not be able to fly. However, I kind of have arranged and promised few person that I will be there. So I should go.

Left home at about 7:20, picked up my brother at Bukit Jelutong at 7:36, reached Sri Pentas just before 8:00. We are allowed to enter and park at the VIP parking spot!

Brother Haidar, brother Mokhtar and his sons already reached earlier. Later, Sifu Zul, Zappy and Kelso arrived. I thought there will be more fliers but there was only us.

I quickly brought out the Raven to the provided space. Since the live program was planned at 9.15 or so, I should have enough time to fix the Raven issue.

Quickly I detached the upper frame, found that the fan is realy loose. Tighten up the nut. The Raven has another problem, the left frame is actully dented as well, and have not done anything to fix it. Attempting to reduce any problem resulted from this dent, I changed the spacer under the skid to thicker one. I actually using the original blade grip damper with longer screw to fix this.


Put together the Raven and it was almost 9.00.

While waiting for the program I decided to test if the Raven can fly. Yes, till the very last minute, I still do not want to give up!

Prepared the equipments, started the engined ok.

While spooling up the main rotor, I saw the Raven vibrated, quite rigorously. It was really not suitable for take off. Furthermore, I noticed that even I have pushed the throttle quite high, the Raven did not indicate that it have the lift for the take off. With this findings, I aborted the take off and shutdown the engine. This must have been caused by unbalanced blade. I am using a 'reused' blade given by Cikgu for free, and I did not do any balancing at all.

Brought it back to the provided table for session. With no other choice, I will be at the table with the Raven during the live program.

"Live on air" started at about 9.40 lasted about 8.5 minutes.

Inverted flight showed by brother Mokhtar's son.

From Other Photographer

Here is the 'lead photographer' aerobrain:

What a very pleasant experience. Thanks to all who has contributed to this!


♥ Izzah Marzuki March 16, 2009 at 2:17 PM  

yeah, i’m so delighted to read that you had a great experience and truly enjoyed yourself.. congrats! =)

truemax March 16, 2009 at 4:14 PM  

Dear Izzah, Thanks!!

So, somebody did read the text, not just watch the photos. He he he.

I just consider myself lucky. Be at the right place at the right time (?).

You are welcome, anytime!

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