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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

5 Month Mark

Today is exactly 5 month since 9-Oct-2008, the day I brought the Raven back to my house after I just purchased it!

I have been satisfied with the Raven flying performance in the previous flights, and today is the day were I will be trying inverted hover again. The last time I tried the loop and inverted hover, it ended with very bad crash!

I this was long holiday weekend, Monday is a public holiday for MaulidurRasul celebration in Malaysia.

I have been looking for the time to fly since Saturday, only Monday I was able to find the good time. I was fully occupied with some family activities and the MaulidurRasul celebration at the nearby Surau. Also, I was having problem with broken glow heater before. I had successful put it back using super glue.

It was about 9.30am. Since other fellow fliers in Putra Heights were not flying today, I decided will do the flight session at the nearby PH9 football field area.

I setup for the flight, begin with ground check, making sure all links are firmly attached, and all controls are working for both of the batteries.

Starting up the engine, I was trying to start the engine using the other glow heater which has been charged for about 6 hours or more, but it did not work. Changed to another glow heater ('super glue'd one), engine started right away.

FID: H3.E2.G2.T8.1 2009-03-09:0945
OGT: 08 minutes, Loc: PH9, Football Field

Lifted off, did in flight check, all control ok, switch to idle-up mode, continue with the hover check. Everything is ok. I proceed with figure 8 flying and few stall turns. I brought it back to land, checked the engine temperature using the '5 second finger' method. The engine was not hot at all, seems that I can put my finger there all day without feeling any pain.

Then, lifted off again. Now I am ready with the real flying. I did few stall turns. I was quite windy, can feel the wind from my left to right. Doing tall turn on left side made the Raven a bit drifted to my side, I need to be careful, not to let it fly near to my place on the left side. I tried the negative pitch during the stall turn, it works, the Raven moved accordingly.

So now I am ready for the inverted hover.

From my left side, flew the Raven to the right, then up for the flip.
I was not a perfect flip, the Raven ended up inverted with left side a bit low. Quickly my finger automatically compensate and fix the attitude. It stabilized for 1 or 2 seconds. That should be enough, I started to push the 'elevator' up and increase the engine/negative blade pitch to flip it back up right.

Suddenly, at that moment I heard the engine screamed in high pitch.
Oh my god! I shouted in my heart. Something went wrong here!

Regardless, I continue to flip it back up right. While the Raven flipping, I can hear the engine continue to scream. The Raven started to descend while it was flipping back up. The flip rate was not good! I can see the main blade rotating much slower now, about 2 seconds later the Raven hit the ground on its skid, bounced and rested in inverted position. Still panicking, I realized that the engine still running, quickly I flipped the switch to shutdown the engine, only then it stopped.

Flipped it manually up right, I can see the broken main blade and bend fly bar.

Even the right side frame is dented.

From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009

However, looks like the damage is not as severe compared to my previous crash. No damage at all to skids, tail boom and hopefully main shaft too. Alhamdulillah, I guess, the last second maneuver before impact have reduced the possible damages.

I brought it back home. Just to make sure the engine is still ok, I tried to start the engine. Since the left frame is dented, the holes for starter shaft to the metal fan is not aligned anymore. I need to detach the upper part to access it.

I was able to start the engine, yes it is still working!
From Remote Control Helicopter - 2009


Anonymous,  March 12, 2009 at 1:56 AM  

Hobi mahal yang saya tak mampu untuk ikuti..

Tumpang lalu

truemax March 14, 2009 at 10:13 PM  

Terima kasih kerana datang menjengok.

Memang hobi ini agak mahal, tapi atas sebab minat saya redahi juga.

Perbincangan dengan rakan rakan, juga banyak kesabaran boleh menghindarkan perbelanjaan yang tidak perlu (sama ada untuk part upgrade atau crash yang boleh dielakkan).

Sekali lagi.. terima kasih!

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