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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Engine Tuning and Pitch Setup


Taking leave today.. need to spend some time with my Raven TR3703 :)

Since I had the engine problem, I manage to fly it for 3 inches high before the fuel thank empty and need to pack it up.

So today I need to tune the engine so that I can fly this thing happily. I have changed the throttle and pitch curve to the more 'advanced' level for me to feel the responsive of the throttle/pitch. Can't wait to fly this!

1430 Afternoon
Started with checking the High Speed Needle (HSN). Quite shock to find that it is less than 1 full turn to the full close. Everywhere in the forum I found that 2 full turn is a good start, so I will begin with that.

After putting up the fuel for half tank, I started the engine. The engine sound very weird, not normal at all. Then I removed the glow heater, the engine start to sound more weird and stopped.

O-O! what happened!

Thinking that the engine is too cold, I tried to leave the glow heater for longer duration, let it heated first then only remove it. But still the same. After finishing half of the tank will all kind of try-n-error playing with the HSN etc., the glow heater don't have enough power anymore. So need to pack back.

Called Cikgu V, then I learned this is just simple problem. THE HSN SETUP IS TOO RICH.


Now I know how to fix the problem, just turn the HSN to leaner setting. Yes, I need to turn till less than 1 turn from close than only the engine sound normal. Great! This is new lesson, I won't forget this!

So time to fly.. bring the TR3703 to the field, started the engine, push the throttle up, up up, engine was screaming but she just sit put there. I can see the skid became a bit lighter but it did not lift up, pushed the throttle passed 75% still no lift up. I don't there to push some more since the engine already screaming like it is running at the max.

So I checked the pitch, hmmm, found out that the positif pitch is very little, at 75% thorttle position, it was about 5 degree pitch only.

At the night, I started to work on the pitch, found that at 50% throttle, the pitch is at about -5 degree. It reach 0 degree at 62% of throttle.

I have adjusted the linkage, now I have more balanced pitch setting for the blade. at 50% throttle it is almost 0 degree pitch.

TR3703 Ready for take off!!


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