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Friday, October 24, 2008

Engine Trouble Shooting

22-Oct-2008 Wednesday
Tried again to start the engine. Still no luck. This time looks like it getting worse! The started shaft canoot be turned at all. Looks like the piston on something inside has stucked!!

23-Oct-2008 Thursday
Well, can't fly for these few days.. I take this opportunity to do throttle/pitch setup in my Spectrum DX7 Transmitter.

I manage to set 2 switched to control the Throttle:
1. Throttle Hold Function assigned to Throtle Hold switch (top right hand side) - this will bring the engine to idle speed (if I manage to start the engined.. ). It will be very usefull for leaning auto rotation later on.
2. Throttle Cut Function assigned to AileronD/R switch switch, top right hand at the face - it will kill the engine.


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