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Monday, October 13, 2008

4th Tank

Today at 0740, the Raven's 4ht tank and my 2nd Solo Flight. It was at the same location as yesterday, Soccer Field about 50m from my house.

It goes very well, took off was very smooth hover for about 30 seconds and landed to check if everything is ok. Then I took off again, hover for about half of the tank and land. Just want to check the engine temperature, looks fine so ready to continue..

When I was about to take off again, I notice the tail boom support on the right hand sight had came out from the boom. I have not choice but to fix this first. Apparently looks like the screw that holding it is too loose and came off during my last landing. Luckily I have a similar size screw to replace it. Then up in the air again.

After finished up the tank, I quickly pack and bring it home. Need to go to work!!

Sorry.. no photo today.

Century Raven 50 SE Nitro Powered eCCPM RC Helicopter
OS50 Hyper White Wooden Blade
Spectrum DX7 with DS82154, Futaba GY401 with S9254 Servo
All Stock parts


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