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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TR3707 Inverted Test


I have a slight problem with the Fan, need to change it. Now I am more familiar on taking the top and bottom frames apart. The design of Century Raven (I believe it is quite the same for Hawk, Predator as well) is very good. For me to access to the fan and top of the engine, just need to detach the upper frame from the bottom.

I need to use the piston stopper to remove the damaged fan. Thanks for the kindness from Cikgu Vanan, I don't have to pay a single cent for the new Fan and the Piston Stopper!

Just before the sunset, after work yesterday I reached Rinching fly site. I was really lucky because another Sifu, Fendi was there. I have setup the blade pitch before at about -10/+10 and really hopping that it is sufficient for the inverted flight.

He flew my TR3703 Raven, test it, started with Hovering, while familiarizing with the sensitivity of my controller and helicopter. Then he did the Inverted Flight! Great!!


Zali (left) and Sifu Fendi (right) starting up TR3703 engine

Then he tried a loop.. however suddenly the Raven is dropping fast at the half loop (at inverted posture)! He managed to correct it with hard landing on the ground. According to him suddenly there was not lift during the invert. Before I had notice the battery indicator lighted red just before the loop, that must be the reason.

Luckily, there only some scratches on the blade. I tested to hover, and it still fly nicely!

Lesson learn:
1. Land immediately when red or yellow battery indicator
2. Need to make sure battery is charged enough, 2 days or longer.

These are comments from Sifu Fendi:
1. Need to check center of gravity for more stable inverted flight and 3d maneuver
2. Need to make cyclic control more sensitive, slowly reduce the expo configuration to 15%, for fast 3D response. Current setup is 35%.

Inverted Test Flight Passed!


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