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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TR3707 with No Fly Bar Weight


I had problem to move the fly bar weight from outer position into inner part of the fly bar. The screw thread of one of the weight is damaged and I was not able to fasten it tightly at the fly bar. After I verified with Cikgu V, I have removed the weight totally.

Today I have able to test TR3703 without the Fly Bar Weight.

0740 Packed all of the equipments into the car and drive to the nearby field.

Yesterday I have problem starting up the engine. It was due to glow heater has low voltage. Last night have charged the glow heater so it should be ok today.

I manage to start the engine after a few tries. Now is school holiday season in Malaysia, few kids just arrived at the field to play soccer. I need to be careful and to limit my flying space to only the half of the field which are still empty.

It flew nicely! Not much different for hovering. It should be more responsive for all maneuvers, but yet to test at a bigger field. J



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