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Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Nose-In Flight

Saturday 1-Nov-2008

Last night I manage to squeeze my time to get a 12V battery for the starter along with HoneyBee King 2 main gear.

Today, with the new 12v battery, I no longer need to depend on my car battery or need to borrow from others to start up the Raven TR3703 engine.

0830 After finished breakfast, I head to the Putra Heights Aircraft Field - Home of PHAF (Putra heights Aircraft Fliers)

Fill up the tank, start flying, while tuning the engine. I landed few times after short flights to check the engine temperature, adjusted to a bit more richer since the engine was pretty hot. After a while of flying, the sky turned a bit dark, there was raining at the nearby area, able to see clearly for the flying site. The environment is quite windy, but I am amazed that The Raven is not very much effected by it. Some compassion was needed to counter the wind but it still flew steadily.

After finish up the about 1.5 tank of fuel I, it brought out by other helicopter, the HoneyBee King 2 TK2703. I have changed the damaged main gear last night. Time to test it out. The wind was still there but much more calm compared to before. Switched on the TX and connect the battery, then it flew. It flew great!! I'm yet to try other maneuver on TK3703 other than tail-on hovering though.

1015 packed up, got appointment at home at 1030 am.

Afternoon 1345, I prepared all the stuffs for a quick fly at the field new my house. This time since I have the new 12v battery I don't have to drive my car.

I filled up the Raven's tank at home, that means less one item for me to carry at the fly site. I need to bring the Raven, Transmitter and Starter Tool box (with battery and glow heater) only. So I just carried all those items for 50 feet to he nearby field. It looks easy at first but they felt heavier and heavier. Still, I can manage it. :)

Started up the engine, tune the engine a bit to make sure it is not too lean or too hot. Then I am confident enough to try new thing.

For the first time for this Raven I turn it to Nose-In orientation. Hmmm.. looks good!! Yes, for the first time, I manage to do it! I did it at pretty high altitude, to make sure that I have plenty of height if I screw up :)
I am much more confident now.

At the same flight I tried figure 8 maneuver, it was not pretty at all. I don't think it looks like an '8' at all.

At the end of the session, I bring it down to hover at low height, while slowly fly back to the take off area. Another 15 ft to the targeted area I notice that the tank is almost empty. Not to take any risk of burning glow plugs or other issue, I landed it and shutdown the engine.

That was my first head-in flight.


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