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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuning Flight


Ready for transport to the nearby field. Today I am going to test various items:
1. New LSN (Low speed Needle) setup,
- turned to "close" a bit since before the engine always having problem during idle, but not at higher speed.

2. New throttle stick feel
- I have loosen the screw for the throttle stick, before it was a bit too tight, I was not able to precisely control the throttle

3. Visibility on the stickers
- I have put some additional stickers (see the photos), hoping to improve the visibility and eliminate orientation confusion during flying. Orange sticker at the bottom and red line at the middle of the canopy. I had a 'close call' on last Sunday due to orientation.

4. Throttle curve and idle-up switch
- Lowered the 50% throttle position to avoid head/engine over speed during descending.

5. "Lower the throttle" switch
- New switch I setup in MIX1, assigned to AUX2 switch, hoping the resolve the head/engine over speeding during descending as well.

After the arrival, snap few photos first.

Then started the engine.

Here are the test result:
1. New LSN (Low speed Needle) setup,
- the adjustment work great! During idle the engine is stable and no sign of quitting.

2. New throttle stick feel
- The new throttle feel is super. The super smooth movement allow me to control the hover precisely. Before the Raven will move up and down during the hover, now no more, I can put exactly the right amount of throttle/pitch to make it stay at the same height at my choice!!

3. Visibility on the stickers
- Unfortunately, the stickers only make very little different. From far it is not really noticed. The bottom big orange sticker did make some different, but seldom visible unless at high degree maneuver.

4. Throttle curve and idle-up switch
- The new throttle curve is too low! I raven is not responsive due to the slow head speed. I need to change this.

5. "Lower the throttle" switch
- Tried to use the AUX2 switch during a descend maneuver, but felt very awkward. It is quite hard to reach, probably because I am not used to it. But it seems to be quite difficult to flip it while controlling the pitch and roll at the same time.
- However, the throttle reduction programming in MIX1 works great, it does reduce the throttle as expected, 15%, but need more tuning, assuming that the switch is not a problem.

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